Freesoftland site has been rewritten!

We have totally rewritten our home site. No more frames, Flash menu and other browser specific plugin or commands. Freesoftland site is now ALL browsers compatible:
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Mozilla
  • Sea Monkey
  • Maxthon
  • ...and even Text Browser!
Please, post your comments about new site.


Process WatchDOG: Added NT4 support

In the release of Process WatchDOG, today published, a full support for Windows NT 4 (both Workstation and Server versions) has been added:

Screenshot on Windows NT

Also added three new language packs:
  • Dutch. Translation by Erik Bakker.
  • German. Translation by HirseBrian.
  • Hungarian. Translation by Ronyn.
  • Chinese Traditional. Translation by Trash Can.
Our team say thanks to these translators for our works.

Screenshot on Windows XP

Process WatchDOG is a little utility for "closed process" monitoring. To reactivate dead or closed process or to execute any application if monitored process goes dead or closed.


FSL Launcher new skins

Hi friends,
today has been published a bugfixed release of FSL Launcher that include two new skins:

Dark Fractal, by LS

OOSkin, by OuiOui

a big tanks to these Launcher users for their very nice skins.

The FSL Team


New Super Finder release

A new releases and of Super Finder availables for download!

  • Bugfix release: a visualization bug for non-latin characters (like Japanese) has been fixed.
  • Added new Tray Icon management and related Tray Bar menu.
  • We also included a new language: Hungarian. Many thanks to our friend Ronyn from Hungary for his work.
    (we are currently searching for other language translators... please, contact us if interested)

Additional news into privileged Users version:
  • Customizable activation Hotkey.
  • Skin Color scheme management:


Another blog has born.... Let's begin!

Dear friends,
welcome to our new blog. FreeSoftLand
is a new place where found "totally free" programs, utilities and more written by FSL Team. Our programs are multi-language; if you want to translate in your language one or more of our applications, free contact us for translation details. Our freeware products can be downloaded and distributed without any permission... all software our site are free for personal use. If you think that our work is useful for you and want to support his future, you can donate through PayPal; only for development support... our freeware programs are (and will be always) totally free for personal use. And... don't hesitate to use our Forum for enhancements request, bugs report or simply for general discussions.

Sincerely, the FSL project team.